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Lithium Polymer
At Hicharge Technology, we are able to supply quality Lithium Polymer batteries for a wide range of applications. With our highly experienced team of battery experts, we offer clients a wide range of battery cells that can meet and exceed your highest demands.

Li-Poly cells are highly sought after for applications where size and weight makes a BIG difference. Compare the voltage, capacity and weight of Li-Poly cells to Ni-CD or Ni-MH cells and you will see that Li-Poly cells provide more energy per gram than any other battery – at least up to 4 times the specific energy (Watt hour/Kg) of Ni-CD or Ni-MH batteries!

From single cells to multiple cells in various custom configurations, we are able to meet your requirements. Offering clients a complete solution with ultra thin, lightweight polymer cells that are fully tested with high energy density, and high discharge rate cells (up to 20C continuous), protection circuitry and matching Li-Poly charger.



Cell sizes according to client specifications are available. Please contact us for a standard list of battery cell dimensions. We offer Mould & Tooling services, R&D and quality certification services (UL, CE, RoHS).


Lithium Ion
Another rechargeable Lithium product range that we offer is the Lithium Ion cells for your applications. Being more cost effective, lightweight with no memory effect, it can be used in a wide range of industry and application. Hicharge Technology is able to supply superior quality Li-ION batteries in button, cylindrical or prismatic form-factor for mobile phone, digital camera and many other applications. We can supply various Li-ION cylindrical cells like 14500/17500/18650 and rechargeable RCR123.


Nickel Metal Hydride
Standard consumer type batteries (AAA - D - 9V) in rechargeable Ni-MH cells or industrial type batteries are available. From various capacities and sizes to suit your requirements.


Primary (Non-Rechargeable) Battery Cells
Many sizes of primary Lithium cells are available for your selection. Lithium Thionyl Chloride (3.6V ER-series) or Lithium-Manganese (3.0V CR-series) that are commonly used for CMOS memory chips, office automation devices, remote data logging & data acquisition systems, medical instruments, water or gas gauges, security and alarm systems, pulse-event-counters, various industrial clocks, and military/defense shelter equipment.


Consumer Batteries (Non-Rechargeable)
Hicharge Technology provides ODM consumer batteries AAA/AA/C/D/9V (1.5V) from Carbon Zinc to Alkaline types. Available in bulk packing or consumer blister packs.


Battery Chargers; PCB; Cable/Wire; Connectors & Accessories
Besides our core business of batteries; we also can supply various types of battery chargers that are suitable for Lithium, Ni-MH, SLA batteries. Customised chargers can also be manufactured according to your requirements of charging voltage and current. We also provide PCB fabrication services for Cell/Pack Protection Circuitry Management (PCM); Cell Balancing; Voltage constant output; LED Fuel Gauge; and others.


Should you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us for more information info@hicharge.com.sg


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