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Hicharge Technology is an Energy Cell company specialising in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of highly specialised batteries, chargers and electronic accessories. In 2001, we started supplying batteries and chargers for mobile phones. Since then, we had advanced to a broader spectrum of the battery industry. Over the many years, we have accumulated vast experience in the design and manufacturing of batteries, as well as various battery management circuitry PCBs and component accessories.

Today, we have an experienced R&D team and advanced production facilities to support our core activities. We are able to supply high quality batteries, chargers and accessories to meet the highest standards at competitive prices, with over halve of total sales exported to overseas clients around the world. We provide battery pack assembly services, as well as OEM/ODM services upon client request. The main focus is on Primary and Secondary (rechargeable) batteries systems of different chemistries, especially in Lithium-type batteries.

Some Common Applications of Rechargeable Batteries :

•  Mobile/Cellular Phone & Bluetooth device
•  PDA, Pocket Computers, Notebook
•  Camcorder, Digital Camera
•  Portable AV Player (MP3/4, DVD)
•  Medical apparatus & equipment
•  Wireless RF / GPS tracking
•  Radio-controlled RC-models
•  Unmanned Surveillance Vehicles (UAVs)
•  Handheld reader/scanner
•  Military applications
•  Electric vehicle
•  Academic R&D; robotics projects

At Hicharge Technology, we believe that good customer service is one of the most important factors for a successful business, besides providing a good quality product. Please contact us and we will like to hear from you.



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